The solution to help teams evaluate LLM options quickly, easily, and consistently.

As the LLM landscape rapidly evolves, companies must continually ensure their LLM choice remains the best fit for the organization’s specific needs. Arthur Bench, our open source evaluation product, helps businesses with:

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Model selection & validation

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Budget & privacy optimizations

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Translation of academic benchmarks to real-world performance

Evaluation Illustration
Evaluation Illustration

“Understanding the differences in performance between LLMs can have an incredible amount of nuance. With Bench, we’ve created an open source tool to help teams deeply understand the differences between LLM providers, different prompting and augmentation strategies, and custom training regimes.”

Adam Wenchel, Co-Founder and CEO
Adam Wenchel
Co-Founder & CEO

The Most Robust Way to Evaluate LLMs

Bench is our solution to help teams evaluate different LLM options in a quick, easy, and consistent way.

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Model Selection & Validation

Compare LLM options using a consistent metric to determine the best fit for your application.

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Budget & Privacy Optimization

Not all applications require the most advanced or expensive LLMs — in some cases, a less expensive AI model can perform just as well.

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Translating Academic Benchmarks to Real-World Performance

Test and compare the performance of different models quantitatively with a set of standard metrics to ensure accuracy and consistency.

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