Take Control of Your AI Operations

Centralized AI Monitoring and Auditability so you maintain control over production models.


A Centralized Platform for Model Monitoring

Whether you are putting your first AI model into production or have hundreds running your business, proper monitoring is essential for effective implementation. Arthur puts enterprises in charge of their AI operations, increases performance, and mitigates the risk automated decision-making introduces.


Proactively identify opportunities to increase the performance of your models and detect issues before they turn into serious problems. The Arthur platform is a single pane of glass for your AI applications.


Decisions made by black box models, regardless of the toolkit, can be made transparent. Explanations are presented clearly to all stakeholders, consistently for all models, at enterprise scale.


Aggregate inference data and configure thresholds to monitor for unwanted bias in models that make consumer-affecting decisions. Benchmark bias in existing models and track improvements as newer versions are deployed.



Arthur is growing! We are looking for talented product engineers who are excited about inventing the future of AI.


Innovation Partners

Arthur is accepting a limited number of innovation partners to work with our platform. Reach out to us using the button below to learn more.