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Arthur suite of products

Arthur is the industry-leading MLOps platform that simplifies deployment, monitoring, and management of traditional and generative AI models, ensuring scalability, security, compliance, and efficient enterprise use.


Arthur’s turnkey, plug-and-play solutions allow companies to build on top of their internal knowledge base and make informed, data-driven decisions when integrating the latest generative AI technologies into their operations.

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Deploy AI confidently and safely by using Arthur to protect your organization from the biggest LLM threats including data leakage, hallucinations, toxic language generation, and prompt injection.

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Drive key business results for your enterprise by using the Arthur platform to optimize model operations and performance at scale across tabular, CV, NLP, and large language models.

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Arthur Bench is an open-source evaluation product for comparing LLMs, allowing you to make informed, data-driven decisions when integrating the latest AI technologies into your operations.

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The #1 AI Delivery Platform


The Arthur platform is model- and platform-agnostic, providing the #1 monitoring platform for models ranging from classic tabular and computer vision, to robust LLMs (such as OpenAi, sci-kit, PyTorch, Hugging Face...).


The Arthur platform scales up and down with complex enterprise needs—it can ingest up to 1MM transactions per second and deliver insights quickly. We offer flexible integrations to meet your needs.


Arthur works seamlessly with all leading data science and MLOps tools, including Databricks, Amazon SageMaker, TensorFlow, PyTorch, SingleStore, and Salesforce. Our platform supports deployment across SaaS, Managed Cloud, and on-prem environments.


Arthur’s platform offers model risk management capabilities across validation, monitoring, and reporting, helping organizations to avoid adverse consequences from decisions made based on model errors.


Our platform allows for quick, seamless communication across teams via a centralized performance dashboard, real-time metrics, optimization alerts, and fully customizable permissions across organizations.


Having achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance, our robust model monitoring solution adheres to best-in-class security and data privacy controls. We are committed to meeting the industry’s most rigorous data security, availability, and confidentiality standards.

“Arthur Bench helped us develop an internal framework to scale and standardize LLM evaluation across features, and to describe performance to the Product team with meaningful and interpretable metrics.

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Priyanka Oberoi
Staff Data Scientist, Axios HQ

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