Fast, Safe, Custom AI for Business

As a completely turnkey AI chat platform built on top of your enterprise documents and data, Arthur Chat is the fastest way to unlock the value of your LLM.

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Custom, Completely Turnkey Chat Experience

LLM applications are hard to build. They require resources, knowledge, and time for your team to ramp up on new concepts. With Arthur Chat, you can focus more on delivering value, rather than delivering code.

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Powered by Your Data

The Arthur Chat platform is built on top of your internal knowledge base, composed of many documents and data—both structured and unstructured—so you can provide the best and most accurate responses to your users. Just bring your own data and we’ll handle the rest.

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Protected by Arthur Shield

Arthur Shield, the world’s first firewall for LLMs, is embedded within the Arthur Chat platform, enabling real time checks and protection against PII/sensitive data leakage, toxic language generation, hallucinations, and prompt injection.

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Arthur Shield is the key to deploying LLMs quickly and safely

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Sensitive Data Leakage

Protect your user’s data as well as your company’s proprietary data from being unintentionally leaked.

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Block LLM responses that are not value-aligned with your organization.

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Prompt Injections

Identify and block attempts to override the intended behavior of an LLM by malicious users.

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Detect likely incorrect or unsubstantiated responses from an LLM before they can cause harm to the end user.