The First Firewall for LLMs

Shield is our solution to help companies deploy their LLMs confidently and safely.

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LLM Illustration
LLM Illustration
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Fits into the LLM architecture

Sits between the application layer and the deployment layer to validate user prompts and model responses on two endpoints.

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Works with any LLM

Whether you’re using OpenAI or another large language model, Shield will be able to be integrated into the workflow.

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Provides real-time protection

Our inference deep dive capabilities allow us to detect and intercept any prompts that may potentially be considered harmful or elicit a potentially dangerous output.

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Arthur Shield is the key to deploying LLMs quickly and safely

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Sensitive Data Leakage

Protect your user’s data as well as your company’s proprietary data from being unintentionally leaked.

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Block LLM responses that are not value-aligned with your organization.

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Prompt Injections

Identify and block attempts to override the intended behavior of an LLM by malicious users.

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Detect likely incorrect or unsubstantiated responses from an LLM before they can cause harm to the end user.