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CDAOs, Prove Your Value: The New Reality in 2023

CDAOs, Prove Your Value: The New Reality in 2023

At Arthur, we work with many of the largest and best-run companies in the world, and one thing has become very clear with the 2023 budget cycle: you need to show measurable results to justify spend right now or else risk your budget being flatlined or slashed.

CFOs are tightening the belt. Getting any new spend, or growing your budget, takes a rock solid business case.

This is extremely hard with frontier technologies, in particular AI. The last few years have seen AI prioritized as an investment area because the potential is massive.

2023 is the year when CDAOs and AI teams will need to show they can transition from potential to realized gains.

Building that clear business case means having ready answers to questions like:

  • “How are my models currently performing?"
  • “What kind of lift can I expect from updating a critical suite of models driving a high-leverage use case?”
  • “What effect will it have on my business KPIs like P&L, churn, TLV, and ROI?” 

Building the ability to measure and evaluate AI performance into the foundation of your project portfolio makes it possible to understand the answer to these questions. Showing up to planning and budget conversations armed with these critical details will be a big advantage navigating the next couple of years and beyond. Ultimately, measurable results mean you can make strategic, rational, smart decisions and focus your resources on the initiatives that are driving the most value.

It’s clear that the hype around AI is warranted—being able to empirically demonstrate that will be the game-changing trend for CDAOs in 2023.

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