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Model Monitoring, Solved.

Bring high-performing AI into production safely and responsibly with monitoring, explainability, and bias detection at your fingertips.

Monitor, Analyze, and Improve Your ML Models


One dashboard to track them all (your models, that is)
Performance monitoring: Track the performance of your models using research-backed metrics
Intelligent alerts: Set up intelligent alerts. Never miss an issue with your model inputs or performance
Data drift: Identify univariate and multivariate data drift in your ML models, both for tabular and unstructured data like NLP models


Get to know your ML models, and how they're making decisions
Bias detection: Identify biases in your data using univariate or multivariate segmentation
Explainable AI: Infer how your models are making decisions using our Explainable AI features
Custom metrics: Choose which metrics work for you, including proprietary metrics from our renowned team of experts


Improve your ML model health by diagnosing and correcting issues
Model diagnosis: Leverage monitoring and explainability features to diagnose and mitigate issues with your model
Counterfactual Explanations: Simulate "what-if" scenarios by adjusting features and observing changes in prediction impact
Exportable reports: Increase collaboration across teams with easy-to-digest exportable reports
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Here are a few reasons why Arthur is the market leading AI observability solution

Why Arthur

Quick Setup

The quickest implementation for Model Monitoring you will find. Get up and running within minutes, so you don't skip a beat.

Fits Your Workflow

Arthur is model-agnostic & platform-agnostic, meaning you can easily integrate the platform with the tools you use every day.

A Single Pane of Glass

Monitoring & Explainability for all of your models through Arthur's intuitive dashboard, a notebook, command line, or our powerful API.

Enables Collaboration

Involve all relevant stakeholders in the model auditing process using easy-to-digest exportable reports and other multi-persona collaboration features.

Intelligent Alerting

Automated and custom alerts to track issues in your models, so that you can react as quickly as your business needs you to.

Cutting-edge Tech

The only platform that supports both structured and unstructured data like NLP & Computer VIsion with the latest and greatest in AI observability techniques developed by experts.

Any Model, Any Platform, Anywhere

Arthur works seamlessly with all your favorite data science and MLOps tools. Our platform is model-agnostic and platform-agnostic, which means you get one centralized dashboard for all of your models, no matter which tools you used to build them or where they're deployed.

Access Arthur on demand without any setup

In Your Data Center

Keep all of your IT infrastructure onsite by deploying Arthur on-premise

On Your Cloud

Deploy Arthur on your cloud servers quickly and easily

A Mix of Both

Integrate Arthur into a mix of on-premises data centers​, private clouds and/or public clouds

Used In

Learn a few of the many use-cases where Arthur shines across some of the industries we currently serve
Traffic classification
Anomaly detection

Set up intelligent alerts to notify you of impending data drift or disparate impact resulting from divergence from your training data.

User behavioral monitoring
Email monitoring

Ensure consistency and monitor for data drift in information extraction pipelines, and identify the most important words in determining the outcome of your sentiment analysis models.

Financial Services
Fraud detection
Forecast models
Lending & robo-advisory programming
Audit & compliance

Quantify univariate and multivariate bias in decision-making models and explain model outputs—including financial loan decisions or healthcare treatment plans—in nontechnical terms through exportable reports.

Hospital management
Medical diagnosis
Capacity planning
Medical document extraction
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Consumer Tech
Customer churn prediction

Improve your bottom line and understanding of your customers by pinpointing drivers of customer acquisition, churn, and lifetime value


Detect potential biases in your algorithms, quantify the importance of individual features to your predictions, and test hypothetical changes to your model by adjusting weights of certain features.

Fraud detection
Warehouse optimization

Track performance issues and changes in your data integrity (such as black swan events like COVID-19) that could affect the robustness of your process automations

Supply chain planning
Peak hours prediction
Inventory management
Price prediction/management
Customer service

Used By

Find out how everyone from analysts to C-suite executives can benefit from the AI observability that Arthur enables
ML Engineer
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Spend less time monitoring models and more time building them

• Seamlessly connect all of your models to a unified dashboard

• Set up intelligent alerts to notify you of performance issues such as data drift

• Utilize cutting edge metrics for monitoring data drift and model performance from our team of researchers

Data Science Leader
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Build confidence in the quality and fairness of your models

• Tie in models across your AI stack into one unified dashboard

• Use cutting edge performance, bias, and explainability techniques to give your business the competitive edge

Risk & Compliance Officer
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Ensure the fairness and transparency of your AI models

• Maintain an audit trail of model behavior

• Monitor biases, data drift, and outliers in all of your ML models in real-time, so you can react to issues immediately

• Ensure that all stakeholders are aligned on model behavior and performance using exportable reports

Business Leader
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Maximize the return on your investments in AI

• Enable your engineers to monitor, understand and improve your ML models with great efficiency

• Track your model’s performance with any of your favorite metrics


Read about why our customers love Arthur
Chris Poirier
VP of Data, Truebill

"Our team has many models in production. With the Arthur platform, checking their output and status at a glance is easy.  We can spot issues early and with the ability to introspect the model run, easily diagnose and fix models reducing downtime. Couple that with custom alerting, we know there won't be any surprises with our ML operations.

Arthur gives us confidence that our ML systems continue to achieve high rates of accuracy."

Heather Caroll Cox
Chief Analytics Officer, Humana

“We care deeply about equity in healthcare at Humana. Thanks to Arthur, we know that our preventative care models are fair, and that we can catch any potential issues before they impact our members. Arthur also helps us deal with black swan events, like the current pandemic.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the data we’re seeing flow through our models, but the Arthur platform allows us to detect and fix data drift before it becomes a real problem.”