Monitor, measure, and improve ML models to deliver better results

Arthur helps enterprise teams optimize model operations and performance at scale. Our platform tracks and improves model accuracy, explainability, and fairness across tabular, NLP, and CV models.

The most scalable, enterprise-ready AI monitoring solution

Arthur is model- and platform-agnostic, providing one centralized dashboard for all enterprise models, no matter which tools you used to build them or where they’re deployed.

Highly scalable microservices architecture that can ingest up to 1MM transactions per second
Unique, actionable insights that provide visibility into your model performance
The leading performance solution for all model types, including CV and NLP
Flexible and comprehensive reporting on metrics that matter to your organization

Learn more about Arthur’s monitoring and measurement capabilities for:


Accuracy & Data Drift



Explainability & Transparency



Bias Detection & Mitigation

Learn more about Arthur’s monitoring and measurement capabilities for:

With Arthur, you can…

Ensure data security and privacy

Data Privacy & Integrity

Actions can only be performed by authorized users. Individual teams/departments can have isolated environments with specific access control policies. Data is immutable once ingested, which prevents manipulation of metrics/insights.

Role-Based Access Control

Support for Single Sign-On with OIDC or SAML. Support for custom roles with granular permissions for users.

On-Prem Security

Arthur can be deployed to on-prem or private cloud environments, with no internet connectivity required. By default, Admins have no access to data, only to the platform components.

SaaS Security

Data is end-to-end fully encrypted in transit into and out of the platform, as well as at rest in platform storage.