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CB Insights recognizes Arthur as one of the most innovative AI startups in the world

CB Insights recognizes Arthur as one of the most innovative AI startups in the world

Today, CB Insights released their “AI 100” ranking for 2021, highlighting the 100 most promising and innovative private AI companies from around the world—and we are thrilled to be included in the list for the second year in a row.

Arthur is one of just two companies that CB Insights selected in the model monitoring space, and we are the only model monitoring company to make the list two years in a row. Last year’s AI 100 companies went on to raise a total of $5.2B in additional funding (including us!), and many companies on the list last year went on to exit via M&A, SPAC, or IPO. We’re honored that CB Insights has recognized Arthur alongside some of our favorite companies in the space, including our partners at Algorithmia.

With so many notable startups lined up next to us on this year’s AI 100 list, the future looks bright. We believe in AI’s amazing potential to transform the world and are excited to be doing our part to ensure this transformation is safe, reliable, and fair.

CB Insights' AI 100 list for 2021, which includes Arthur for ML model monitoring
CB Insights' AI 100 is a ranking of the 100 most innovative and promising AI startups around the world—and we're thrilled to be included for the second year in a row.

About Arthur

Arthur is a proactive machine learning model monitoring platform that gives you the confidence that your AI deployments are performing as expected and the peace of mind that you can catch and fix issues before they impact your business or cause harm. With performance monitoring, bias detection, and customizable alerts, Arthur makes sure that you never miss an issue, and Arthur’s explainability engine makes runtime debugging effortless.

Arthur’s customers, including Fortune 100 companies like Humana and AI-driven startups like Expel and Truebill, are using the platform to ensure that they can catch and fix any issues with their production AI systems before they become billion-dollar problems.