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AI/ML Foundations for Finance

Gain a solid grounding in artificial intelligence and machine learning fundamentals tailored for investment applications. From neural networks to natural language processing, master the core concepts underpinning cutting-edge quantitative strategies.

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Applying AI/ML to Investment Strategies

Go beyond theory and get hands-on practice applying AI/ML models to real-world investing use cases. Build and backtest advanced trading algorithms, optimize portfolio construction, enhance risk management, and extract alpha-generating insights from alternative data.

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Navigating the AI Revolution in Finance

Understand the profound implications of AI/ML for the future of investing. Explore real-world case studies of disruptive AI applications by leading funds, navigate ethical AI challenges, and formulate a vision for driving innovation at your firm.

John Dickerson

Chief Scientist

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John serves as Co-Founder of and Chief Scientist to Arthur. He is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland. He specializes in solving problems at the intersection of economics and artificial intelligence using techniques from machine learning, stochastic optimization, and computational social choice. He has worked extensively in the design and fielding of markets in healthcare and in advertising. John brings to Arthur a unique blend of academic pursuit and industry problem solving. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Teresa Datta

Machine Learning Engineer

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Teresa is a researcher at Arthur interested in transparency and social impact of algorithmic systems from a human-centered lens. She is interested in use-case evaluations of tools for AI transparency and context-based mechanisms for accountability. Previously, she worked on XAI and HCI projects while completing her M.S. in Data Science at Harvard University.

Cherie Xu

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

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