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AI/ML Foundations for Finance

Gain a solid grounding in artificial intelligence and machine learning fundamentals tailored for investment applications. From neural networks to natural language processing, master the core concepts underpinning cutting-edge quantitative strategies.

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Applying AI/ML to Investment Strategies

Go beyond theory and get hands-on practice applying AI/ML models to real-world investing use cases. Build and backtest advanced trading algorithms, optimize portfolio construction, enhance risk management, and extract alpha-generating insights from alternative data.

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Navigating the AI Revolution in Finance

Understand the profound implications of AI/ML for the future of investing. Explore real-world case studies of disruptive AI applications by leading funds, navigate ethical AI challenges, and formulate a vision for driving innovation at your firm.

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From simple chatbots to document classifiers to generative models like GPT-4, natural language processing models are seemingly everywhere these days. NLP models are powerful tools for processing unstructured text data—but with great power comes great responsibility. If you’re not monitoring your NLP models just as you would your tabular models, you can overlook many sticky issues that could quickly become billion-dollar problems.

Arthur’s “Increase ML Model Visibility with NLP Monitoring” whitepaper is everything you need to know about model monitoring for natural language processing whitepaper covers what any organization deploying NLP models into production should be doing to ensure that those models continue to perform as expected.

Learn more about how model monitoring can help you improve your NLP model performance with the help of Arthur.

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