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Making AI Work for Even More People

Making AI Work for Even More People

At Arthur our mission is simple: make AI work for everyone. Make it work for our partners building their businesses on AI. Make it work for all of us who are impacted by AI every day through healthcare, social media, finances, and so many other areas of our lives. Make it work for the data scientists, ML engineers, product owners, and executives who need these systems to be reliable, ethical, and highly accurate.

Simple does not mean easy. AI in the real world is in its infancy; it is just getting started. AI is fundamentally a step change in mankind’s ability to automate. Big leaps like this require relentless invention and reinvention.

I am continually amazed by the way our team at Arthur embraces this challenge every day—literally building the future in the process.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the latest recognition of their great work.

Arthur has raised $42M in Series B funding, which will accelerate our mission to make AI work for everyone. The investment is the industry’s largest-ever in a machine learning observability platform. Over the last year we have averaged 58% growth per quarter, a total of 445% over the whole period. More than anything, this is a significant recognition of the last 3+ years of category-defining work by our world-class group of researchers and engineers.

We would be nowhere without the amazing partnerships we have with some of the largest, most forward-thinking companies in the world. They are the ones who are leaning in to the change and reaping the rewards that well-considered AI efforts bring. Thank you for sharing our vision and the journey.

We are excited to work with Theresia Gouw and Asad Khaliq from Acrew Capital and Dylan Pearce and Bryan Subijano from Greycroft, our co-leads for the round. We’ve collaborated with Theresia, Asad, and the team at Acrew for the last 18 months and could not be more excited to take the next step in our partnership. Dylan, Bryan, and the Greycroft team join as new investors, bringing invaluable experience growing and operating successful software companies. We welcome new investor BAM Elevate, and all of our excellent existing investors who are doubling down including Index Ventures, Work-Bench, and Plexo Capital.

What will we do with this funding? First and foremost, we have scaled up our investment in fundamental research. Our research team has produced a number of breakthroughs that not only advance the state of AI but also create significant value for our customers. It is this spirit of innovation, deeply rooted in Arthur’s DNA, that has driven our growth. We are also scaling up many client functions like customer success and our team of field data scientists to make sure that our quickly growing user base has the world-class support they deserve.

Tomorrow, we will roll up our sleeves and be back at it—there is still much to be done. I feel lucky to be a part of this team and look forward to the journey to make AI work for everyone.