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Introducing Arthur Chat: Fast, Safe, Custom AI for Business

Introducing Arthur Chat: Fast, Safe, Custom AI for Business

The transformative power of large language models is unlike anything the world has seen before—and at Arthur, we’re proud to be enabling enterprises to deploy LLMs into mission-critical applications quickly and safely through our suite of LLM-centered products.

In May, we launched Arthur Shield: a firewall to protect organizations against the most serious risks and safety issues with deployed LLMs. In August, we debuted Arthur Bench: an open source evaluation product for comparing LLMs, prompts, and hyperparameters for generative text models.

And today, we’re thrilled to be announcing Arthur Chat: a turnkey, secure chat platform that empowers companies to quickly and safely deploy AI-powered chat apps leveraging their proprietary enterprise data. 

Unlike other offerings tied to specific LLM providers, Chat’s flexibility and API integrations permit enterprises to easily switch between language models. The platform also boasts the proprietary safety mechanisms of Arthur Shield, ensuring comprehensive, built-in protection and real-time monitoring against risks like hallucinations, prompt injections, and data leakage. Additionally, Chat’s customizable Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technique leverages a company’s proprietary enterprise data to tailor responses and drive precision in chat outputs.

Practical applications of Arthur Chat extend across industries, such as:

  • Finance: Beyond generalized market insights, a hedge fund could get specific details like, “Provide the latest insights around Portfolio X,” leveraging proprietary data.
  • Retail: An enterprise can customize a chatbot to retrieve specifics like, “What is the latest fall line of clothing?” and the LLM could return detailed product information.
  • Customer Support: Rather than static FAQs or basic chatbots, Arthur Chat can deliver dynamic, accurate responses, answering complex customer service questions based on the enterprise’s unique data sets and product manuals.

“With generative AI, our customers have the opportunity to leverage their unique data to build competitive advantages and accelerate productivity. By bringing together the power of Arthur’s LLM products in one turnkey package—from validation, to deployment, to monitoring—Arthur Chat significantly accelerates time to deployment while also ensuring that AI-driven answers are accurate, free from sensitive data, and aligned with a company’s values,” said Arthur’s CEO, Adam Wenchel.

Arthur Chat in the Arthur LLM Ecosystem

Leading financial institutions and fintechs like ECI are already harnessing Arthur Chat’s capabilities to automate information discovery and deliver powerful, custom AI solutions. Read more in our official press release or get in touch to request a demo.