In addition to having recognized Arthur as a Cool Vendor™ in AI Governance and Responsible AI as well as in its Hype Cycle™ Report for Data and Analytics Governance, Gartner has included Arthur as a Representative Explainability/Model Monitoring Vendor in its AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management (TRiSM) Market. 

What Is AI TRiSM?

AI TRiSM is a framework that ensures AI model governance, trustworthiness, fairness, reliability, security, and data protection. Its four main categories are: model explainability and model monitoring, privacy, ModelOps, and AI application security. Together, use of solutions from these four categories helps data and analytics leaders and their colleagues implement AI-specific trust, risk, and security management measures.

Why Is AI TRiSM Important?

In industries ranging from healthcare to financial services to retail and beyond, enterprises are leveraging AI in nearly all facets of their business. The breadth and complexity of AI use cases is only continuing to grow, which increases potential exposure and vulnerability if not implemented with a framework like this in place. Failure in these cases could mean millions in financial, legal, or reputational losses.

“By 2026, organizations that operationalize AI transparency, trust, and security will see their AI models achieve a 50% improvement in terms of adoption, business goals, and user acceptance,” states the guide. “AI brings new trust, risk, and security management challenges that conventional controls do not address. Data and analytics leaders must use the capabilities described in this guide to improve model reliability, trustworthiness, fairness, privacy, and security.”

How Arthur Aligns with AI TRiSM

Arthur helps enterprise teams monitor, measure, and optimize AI performance at scale across three key areas: accuracy, explainability, and fairness. This allows organizations to understand how their models are making decisions, ensure compliance in their ML systems, and continually improve the fairness of model outcomes by proactively monitoring for bias. 

Production AI and business value are inextricably linked in today’s world—and will continue to be in tomorrow’s. As the leading model monitoring and governance solution in the market, Arthur is deployed at leading Fortune 100 enterprises across industries to accelerate business transformation through AI and drive better, more responsible results. At Arthur, our mission is to make AI better for everyone, and we’re proud to be recognized for doing so.

If you are a Gartner client, you can access the full market guide here. Learn more about Arthur and sign up for a demo here.