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Two Commitments Every Employer Should Make in 2022

Two Commitments Every Employer Should Make in 2022

“I really want to work at a startup. But, I care about my mental health.”

If you want to see an animated reaction, make a comment like that to someone on our team. Yes, startups are hard work; audacious goals always are. But they don’t have to come at the expense of anybody’s well-being.

The last couple of years have been challenging. People are reassessing their priorities, craving meaning in relationships, in free time pursuits, and importantly, in our work. At the same time, people want to feel supported – and employers need to step up and use their unique position to create community and care for people more deeply than they ever have before. 

At Arthur, we commit to both: fulfilling and challenging work at a company that provides community and care. 

People join Arthur because they are excited to solve complex problems at the intersection of technology and humanity, and to do it as part of a diverse, creative, and passionate team. The same team that is also raising children, caring for loved ones, taking classes, running marathons, exploring cities, and doing a myriad of other things that make us each happy and whole. It’s awesome to see both our work and our community get strengthened as our team grows and people bring new and unique passions with them!

This belief that we need both fulfilling work and genuine community centers our culture at Arthur and we feel the impact of it every day. Here are 7 ways we are creating meaning, connection, and caring at Arthur:

  1. Work that has a huge impact on the world. We’re working to make AI more transparent and equitable, changing how technology affects real humans for the better.
  2. Flexible work locations. We have open offices for those that want to safely work and hang in the same room; and we support fully remote work across the country.
  3. A diverse team that cares & celebrates. We practice empathy, kindness, and inclusion in our work together. We shout out each other’s wins and take the time to help each other solve problems.
  4. Team offsites. We meet somewhere cool as a company twice a year for fresh air and time to be creative, think big-picture, and have some laughs together. 
  5. A learning mindset and budget. Our work on the cutting edge of AI technology keeps us learning all the time, and we offer a generous education and professional development budget. 
  6. True time away. Our flexible vacation policy includes mandatory minimums, and we fully close the office over the holidays. We also believe in “no weekend messages” and encourage “roam the earth” remote summer work to explore our awesome planet.  
  7. A big vision – and the chance to own a piece of it. There’s a ton of opportunity for ownership and growth along the road to achieving our big goals for Arthur. Every member of our team is critical in delivering on that vision.

It’s neat to see word spread about the positive culture we are creating – we’ve recently been named one of Business Insider’s 2022 Enterprise-Tech Startups to Bet Your Career On and we made Built In NYC’s Best Places to Work.

It’s an important formula that has an outsized impact – care about people, create connection, do meaningful work and build something really special in the process.