Get actionable insights into how your model treats different population groups, set fairness thresholds that make sense for your business, and get notified instantly if there are any problems.

Set fairness alerts to proactively identify and mitigate bias.

Uncover how your model treats different population groups with fairness thresholds.

Continually improve the fairness of model outcomes without redeploying.

"The biggest challenge is looking at this from a reputational risk perspective. ​The last thing we want is to be on the front page of the news with a bias issue."

Global Tech VP


Drive Fairness & Bias Mitigation with Arthur

Bias Mitigation

Quickly mitigate bias using Arthur's proprietary techniques, or customize with your own in-house metrics, to reduce business risk and prevent discrimination.

API Functionality

Use Arthur's robust API service to query and integrate all metrics, including bias, into applications for task automation, product innovation, and ROI evaluation.

Model Versioning

Save time by A/B testing model versions before moving to operations. Compare two versions of a model by schema differences or metric differences, including bias.